Pub in a Box

Everything you need to bring the Suffolk pub environment to your home, choose 12 beers and a snack and we will drop it at your door - Free Local delivery (see below for details).

This box contains your choice of 12 beers and a snack, please select from the options available.

Beers available;

Pale Ale 4.4%ABV - 330ml - A hoppy, sessionable pale ale, contains malted barley 

King Slayer 3.6%ABV - 330ml - A traditional, full bodied bitter brewed in Suffolkcontains malted barley

Table Beer 3%ABV - 330ml - A full flavoured, low ABV beer our first collaboration with Brew Gooder all profits for this beer goes to building wells in Malawi, please see for more info, contains malted barley and wheat.

Then choose a snack from Smally's Biltong or Muchy Seeds - all produced in Suffolk

(Free delivery to IP1-8, IP13-14, IP20-24, IP30-33, IP35 & NR1-18, NR31, NR34, NR35 - once order is placed we will email you when we are going to deliver, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be delivery days, please get in touch if this is a problem)