First Steps in Winemaking - C.J.J. Berry

First Steps in Winemaking - C.J.J. Berry. The definitive guide to use when starting out in the world of winemaking, this book covers everything the new vintner could possibly need and more!

More than three million beginners have been happily launched into the fascinating hobby of winemaking by this practical book, the phenomenal success of which has made it the accepted introduction to the craft.

At Brewers Barn, we would suggest this book to any budding new winemaker or even a handy guide for the more experienced vintner. Other than detailing the exact process and offering tips for winemaking it gives a month-by-month recipe guide to what is in season and when to start. 

Other topics Covered by this book

  • Equipment needed
  • Wine Vocabulary
  • Techniques for not only wine making but sparkling wines and fortified wine
  • Obscure recipes