Are you match fit this summer to draw the crowds?

Are you match fit this summer to draw the crowds?

Forget being beach-ready this summer. Here at Humber Doucy, we believe it is all about being sport-ready for summer – and what a summer for sport!!! We have no idea how we are going to fit in work with the first-class sport this summer🤣

Whether you are a football fan, cricket supporter, tennis follower, or athletic admirer, there is a great summer ahead. And as a landlord or licensee, this gives you a great opportunity for pubs and clubs to get people together. After all, celebrating that winning goal, or cheering for the gold medal winner, is much more fun with a crowd.


Quality Sport needs a Quality Ale

The days of downing cheap pints of lager full of gas and chemicals are, thankfully, long gone. Drinkers are interested in quality and taste. They want to know where their drinks have come from. They want to savour the taste, enjoying a quality drink in quality surroundings.


The Perfect Hat-trick

Summer sun, sport and a Humber Doucy ale. It is the perfect hat-trick. What could only make it better is by throwing in your favourite pub, club or restaurant with a big screen and all your mates.

Bring in the crowds this summer by offering a quality brew with a great local story.


Humber Doucy Brewing Company

Humber Doucy Brewing is a family-run brewery based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside by father and son team, Alan and John. The barley used in the brewing comes from the fields surrounding the brewery. The combination of beer and Suffolk is the perfect business plan for John and Alan!! Throw in the sport planned for the summer of 2024, and heaven is achieved!


Kick off with Euro 2024

Sad for Wales, but England and Scotland will be in Germany from 14 June. Kick-off times are at 2 pm, 5 pm or 8 pm which are perfect for joining your mates at the pub.


T20 World Cups

Starting with the men, 2-30 June in America, followed by the women's tournament in Bangladesh in September.

There are a few rude 130am starts but enough fixtures start at 330pm and 430pm to still make it convenient for the pub 😍

With an overlap with the Euros, scheduling in work may be challenging!!



Summer wouldn't be summer without Wimbledon, 1 – 14 July. With the court cover now allowing games to continue later, giving us a full 12 hours of tennis to enjoy. We figure that means you can fit in lunch and dinner at the pub if needed.


Paris 2024

26 July sees the opening of the 33rd Olympic Games in Paris. This offers something for everyone with 10,500 athletes competing in 32 sports. Breaking (break-dance if you are a child of the 80s) is included for the first time. With Paris only being an hour ahead of England, you can pretty much sit in the sun enjoying the events all day every day!!


The Paralympic Games Paris 2024

After a couple of weeks' break, Paris will host the Paralympic Games. 4,400 athletes taking part in 22 sports. Ending just in time for going back to school on 8 September.


That seems to be summer nicely planned. Don't worry, there are a few gaps between where you can squeeze in a family break.

For landlords and license holders, this is a great opportunity to get people socialising. Throw in a BBQ, maybe an outside bar, and some special local brews, supplied by Humber Doucy, and you can celebrate a summer of sun, fun and sport.


Are you match fit?

If you would like to try a new ale to bring in the crowds or stock up on your favourite, you can order online or in person:

  • Online – just pop onto our online shop Humber Doucy Brewery Online Shop
  • In-person – come into our brewery shop and buy in person at Jeffries of Bacton, IP14 4NF. Open Friday 12-5 pm, and Saturday 930-1 pm
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