Beers to Enjoy Through the Summer

Beers to Enjoy Through the Summer



Whilst we know summer doesn’t officially start until 21 June, there is something about the hedgerows blooming with the purple, white and yellow of spring bulbs, and the lighter mornings that is giving us hope that it is just around the corner!


By the end of May, we will be blessed with over 16 hours of sunlight a day, which is the perfect reason to enjoy some summer ales.


A Suffolk Summer

We believe Suffolk is THE best place to live whatever the season, but in summer Suffolk really does shine. From Suffolk Day to the Suffolk Show to Latitude and all the many festivals, shows and fetes in between, something is going on in our wonderful county every day.

The fields glow with the fields of rape, and the fields of wheat and barley stretch out towards the wonderful Suffolk coast. Whether you like the pier and lights, or the quiet shingle stretches, you can find your little piece of heaven on a summer evening.


A Suffolk Pub

From 12th-century inns to glass and chrome-filled bars, Suffolk’s pubs are thriving. We have spent a winter cosied up in front of log fires, with a fine glass of oak-aged porter, and warming plates of the finest local pork sausages and mash. But now it is time to lighten things up!

The pub gardens are calling. There may be a need for a warm blanket initially, but many of our fine landlords provide those, but soon we shall be baking under the sun umbrellas and reaching for the sun cream.


A Suffolk Life

The rusting BBQs at the back of the garage, still filled with grease and fat from last year (just us? 😂) get added to the weekend “to-do list”. Garden chairs are swept free of webs and bugs, and the never-ending lawn mowing begins. Evening strolls along the proms, and river banks take over from binge-watching 28 seasons of a show you missed the first time around, and the dog starts to slim down after a hibernating winter sleeping at your feet each evening. We start to make plans to catch up with family and friends we have neglected since Christmas and New Year gatherings, organising BBQs and picnics out to enjoy our wonderful county – whether coast, town or country.

A Suffolk Summer Sup

Humber Doucy has the perfect accompaniment to a Suffolk summer.

In fact, we have a cupla three for you (if you don’t speak Suffolk that means more than two 🤣)– all vegan friendly, all produced surrounded by the beautiful Suffolk fields in Bacton at our Suffolk brewery:


Friday Street is our session ale. There is no set definition of what makes a session ale. It should be light and refreshing. You should be able to enjoy a few without falling over due to the lower alcohol content. The trick is to achieve a low alcohol content whilst maintaining character and flavour. Our Friday Street ale does just that.

This session ale is all about Suffolk summers and enjoying our amazing coastline. Designed to evoke those feelings of heading to the beach, with memories of eternal summers. Made with Simcoe and Amarillo hops, it gives a passion fruit and citrus hit in its light, refreshing body.

This ale is named after a hamlet in Suffolk which is passed on the road to Aldeburgh, one of our favourite places on the beautiful Suffolk coast.


Our Pale Ale is reasonably light on alcohol content, making it a perfect session drink. A pale ale is exactly that – a beautiful pale amber colour ale. It can sometimes be referred to as a bitter due to the earthy flavour.

This is the most popular ale of craft brewers due to the fun we can have creating the perfect blend of malt and hop. We have produced a hoppy, sessionable pale ale with a bitter finish and noble hop aromas. Our Humber Doucy Pale Ale has a constantly evolving recipe highlighting the most interesting British malt and hop varieties.

We think this makes a marvellous match for some of the outstanding fish and chips you can find in our local pubs and eateries.


Our Nettle and Elderflower Saison is funky and crisp, giving a refreshing drink. This is a reflection of the hedgerows of Suffolk. A collaboration beer with The Food Museum in Stowmarket, and a Bronze winner in the 2022 SIBA Regional Bottle & Can Awards for Speciality and Flavoured Beer.


Whetted your appetite?

Want to try a new ale, or stock up on your favourite for the summer?

  • Online – just pop onto our online shop Humber Doucy Brewery Online Shop
  • In-person – come into our brewery shop and buy in person at Jeffries of Bacton, IP14 4NF. Open Friday 12-5 pm, and Saturday 930-1 pm
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