Blue Monday – forget it!

Blue Monday – forget it!

Let’s face it, not many people would claim that January is their favourite month of the year. The lack of cash, post-Christmas energy slump, miserable weather and dark days can encourage us to feel low.

But never fear, Humber Doucy is here to help!


Blue Monday – forget it!

Social media and marketing campaigns will tell you that Monday 15 January is the most depressing day of the year. Whilst there is no doubt that January is not the most uplifting month of the year, there is no need to feel blue. Blue Monday is simply a marketing day with no evidence or rationale behind it. The tourist industry introduced the idea of “Blue Monday” about 20 years ago to encourage people to book their summer holidays. There is nothing more to it than that so don’t feel blue!


Time to Breathe

January is a great time to reflect. After seeing family and friends over Christmas, and being so busy, it is a great month to take stock, and just breathe.

Maybe you are thinking about what you are going to do differently in 2024, planning holidays and adventures, or just needing time to be. Having a quiet month, and spending time at home, can be just what we need. We can indulge ourselves in simple pleasures – maybe watching that boxset everyone is talking about, or reading the book you got for Christmas, or just taking the time to have a snooze on the sofa.


Enjoying Time at Home

After all the parties, get-togethers and family gatherings of December, having quiet evenings at home is perfect. You can avoid floods, high winds, and freezing temperatures, and save money. You can still enjoy life and treat yourself – just from the comfort of your armchair!


Humber Doucy at Home

We think the best way to spend time at home, and avoid any feeling of January blues, is to have Humber Doucy with you! We have made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your favourite Humber Doucy from the comfort of your own home.

You can order from our online shop and have it delivered directly to your door.


Or you can pop by our brewery shop at Bacton:

Jeffries of Bacton

Station Garage

Broad Road Bacton

IP14 4HP


SAT NAV use IP14 4NF

Friday (12:00-17:00) & Saturday (09:30-13:00)


Or you can check out our list of local stockists to find your local store

So why not spend this weekend in the comfort of your lounge, enjoying your favourite Humber Doucy Brew? You never know, there may be a bit of left-over Christmas cheese lurking in the fridge, or some Christmas cake you can munch on as you sip your Oak Aged Porter, or your Beacon red ale. Bliss!

With long dark evenings and miserable weather, January is the perfect month for getting settled in your favourite armchair and catching up on that latest box set. And what could make the evening more perfect, than having a glass of your favourite Humber Doucy in your hand? Add some leftover Christmas cheese, and you may have just created your own little slice of heaven.

You can pop by our shop in Bacton, use one of our local stockists, or order online. Couldn’t be easier.

If you have had your fill of socialising over the Christmas chaos, and now look forward to a quiet evening in front of the TV, why not treat yourself to your favourite Humber Doucy at home? Our online shop makes it quick and easy. After all, just because you are staying in, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your Humber Doucy 😉

January is the perfect month for a quiet night in but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite Humber Doucy tipple. You can order online, or use one of our local stockists. What could be better than your armchair and your Humber Doucy brew?

Let’s face it, January can be a bit miserable. All the socialising, spending and chaos of Christmas can leave us all feeling a bit drained – financially and physically! Why not let us deliver your Humber Doucy straight to your door? The idea of a quiet weekend at home, with a glass or two of a Humber Doucy brew sounds perfect to us to get you through the January blues. Just pop onto our online shop, and get ready to enjoy at home.


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