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Humber Doucy Brew Co. making it easy for you


We believe in a Suffolk approach to life. Our business, and beers, are all about telling the story, collaborating, helping others, and making life easy. We love our Humber Doucy brews and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to love them too.


Fancy having a brewery tour?

Why not come and visit us? You can see where it all happens – you can even see the fields where the barley is grown. Just jump on the train to Stowmarket and we will do the rest.

We are based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside at Bacton and would love to show you our brewery and give you a taste of our ales. We will collect and drop you at Stowmarket station so you can enjoy tasting our brews.


New to craft beer?

We love to share our passion and expertise. If you are new to Humber Doucy, or craft beers in general, join us for some training. We can talk you through the brewing process, the flavours, how to taste and the jargon used.

If you have a new recruit on your team, why not include a chat with us as part of their induction?


Need help promoting Humber Doucy?

We can provide glassware, pump clips and beer mats to help you showcase Humber Doucy.


Need help marketing your business?

We are happy to support you by promoting your business on our website and social media accounts, as well as making sure we share your content with our audience. After all, isn’t that what life is all about – helping and supporting each other?


Have an event coming up?

We can support you with customer tasting, additional promotional materials or even a talk about craft beer brewing. Just let us know what you need – here to help!


Fancy a white-label beer for a special event or promotion?

We can do that in either bottle, cask or keg. Whether for a wedding or large scale event you are hosting, or for one of your client’s events, we would be happy to help.


In-house delivery

Our delivery service is in-house. Either John, Alan or one of our team, will deliver your order on a Friday.


Want to have Humber Doucy has a permanent line?

We offer a discounted rate to those making the excellent decision of stocking Humber Doucy as a permanent line.


Recycling of keykegs

We offer free recycling of our 30L keykegs – and can even help you with recycling other 30L keykegs too. Just ask if you would like to know more.



If there is anything else we can help with to make life easier for you and improve your knowledge of Humber Doucy, just let us know.

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