BA Porter 2023 1 x 330ml

Introducing our limited edition Oak Aged Porter

It’s been twelve months in the making but it has been worth the wait. Combining the warmth and earth of the oaky whisky barrels, it is a deeply rich and complex beer, with a heavy oak and liquorice root flavour giving way to mellow fruit cake and molasses.

We introduced oak barrels to our process. If the barrels could tell their story, it would be a great one. We have no idea what they have been used for, and where they have been. There is a good chance they have probably been used for quality whisky which means the oak is infused with all that wonderful whisky loveliness which is now helping to age our Porter.

The result is a unique, never-to-be-repeated, Oak Aged Porter.

As with all our brews, our Oak Aged Porter is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. A limited run, only available in bottles, to both trade and public. It’s a robust 6.8% ABV. Made with water, malted barley, hops, yeast and of course, our secret ingredient of the history of the oak barrels.

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