Introducing the Beacon

Introducing the Beacon

A true Suffolker doesn’t need a satnav. We didn’t even need to use maps in the days before Google.

A true Suffolker only needs one thing to find their way home. The Mendlesham Mast.

Seriously, you can keep your castle on a hill, or even the ToysRUs roundabout (despite it closing 5 years ago it is still, and will forever be known as the ToysRUs roundabout). The true symbol of Suffolk, and more importantly, how we find our way home is the Mast.


The Mendlesham Transmitting Station

When it was constructed in 1959, it was the highest television mast in Europe. Can you imagine the reaction when it appeared in the middle of the Suffolk countryside? Everyone thought it was a roight rum’un. The steel structure was created to bring ITV to the region (how exciting 🤣). As always technology changes and in 1985 it stopped transmitting and spent the next twelve years as a very grand, and tall, bird roost.

By that time it had already become a key feature of Suffolk navigation. No longer were directions given by what field to turn at with the mast being visible, during the day, from some distance. In 1997 low-intensity lights were added, enabling locals to use the tower as a sign of nearing home, even in the dark. Anyone who grew up in the villages around Mendlesham was always guaranteed to get home from the Young Farmers parties and it was common for directions to be given to taxi drivers including the mast as a GPS hook.

It wasn’t until 2005, some 46 years after construction, that it became the true beacon of Suffolk. At 305.4 metres high, it dominated the skyline but when the civic aviation regulations changed and demanded the now familiar bright red lights to be added, the impact of the mast increased.

With the addition of the lights, the mast became a beacon to those up to ten miles away to find their way home. The red glow may distract from the Suffolk starry skies but it also shows the way home and the knowledge that your journey is near its end.

Over 60 years later the mast is still going strong. Now used by mobile phone companies, private radio firms, DAB radio and numerous public sector and safety organisations, the real use remains, helping Suffolkers find their way home.


A Reflection in Ale

Our Beacon Ale gives the same comfort as seeing the red lights of the mast glowing in the distance. Reddish in colour, it’s a homecoming beer.

Beacon’s fruity and malty taste is complex. Created using a blend of crystal and rye malts, paired with a specially chosen citrussy hop mix., provides warmth and comfort.

At 4.3%, this bottled vegan-friendly Red Ale is a real taste of Suffolk.


How to enjoy Beacon

Pop onto our online shop (Humber Doucy Brew Online Shop) to order a delivery of the 330ml bottles, or if you are passing, drop into our brewery shop in Bacton.

Perfect with a plate of Suffolk sausages and mash, or cheese and biscuits.



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